David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water” – 22 Minutes That Will Boost Your Life

I know it’s eight years old, and I know David Foster Wallace achieved quite a status, but a lot of us who are hard wired to love the man’s vulnerability, linguistic talent, writings and truthfulness forget that our natural default settings, indeed Wallace’s own, are typically pretty shitty. It takes work and practice to be a good person, to be conscious. No matter how above it all you think you are, and I’ve been there, this 22-minute speech delivered to the 2005 graduating class at Kenyon College is beyond words. There will be some people that have it go over their heads, but many of those people aren’t the types to get through the whole thing anyway. I urge all people, however, to give this speech a listen. It’s probably worth coming back to on a semi-annual basis.

David’s contribution to the world of consciousness is something to behold. The times in the speech when the audience gives in to their default settings and cheers when they cannot even see the disappointing irony leave much to be desired, but they highlight both Wallace’s genius and our need to forgive those around us who “don’t get it.” I never met David Foster Wallace; I miss him dearly.

R.I.P. David Foster Wallace

This is a link to an interview with DFW’s sister, Amy Wallace-Havens, conducted by Anne Strainchamps for Wisconsin Public Radio’s fantastic radio programĀ To the Best of Our Knowledge. Click the “listen” button beneath the short description and just above the lines of stars to rate the post.


Marina and the Diamonds Gets Us

Over the last few months I’ve really enjoyed this Marina Diamandis chick, which led to the usual cycle of pure enjoyment – second guessing myself for liking “pop” music – wondering if I’d be into her if she were of mere above average physical attractiveness – deeper evaluation of her music – acceptance that she is, in fact, worthy of my possibly pretentious musical pantheon.

Making assumptions about the inside based on the outside would be a mistake.

Making assumptions about the inside based on the outside would be a mistake.

I cannot confirm that Marina is not the lab creation of a group of much-smarter-than-me-but-of-similar-taste people, but if that is the case, then I want the fucking blue pill. Only ten months my junior, Marina is physically best described as *pause, deep breath, sigh*. Mentally, her lyrics blow me away because they seem to be so effortlessly truthful, and they come from someone who looks like she should have had every advantage, comfort and absence of desperation. If you find yourself into the kind of stuff I have and will be posting, I think you either already do or very much will like Marina and the Diamonds.

Here is her music video for the song entitled “Fear and Loathing,” from 2012’s albumĀ Electra Heart. See what you guys think: