Check Out My Revised Podcast Recommendations Page

Hey all, no new post this weekend, which leaves Friday’s self-indulgant, narcissistic post about not eating meat for six months and whining about my foot hurting as the last piece of actual content I’ve written for this blog. But it hasn’t been for naught: I’ve spent some hours today updating my podcast recommendations page, and it’s up for your viewing, and hopefully listening/enjoying/growing, delight. Click the link in the previous sentence to see the list.

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Good Taste > Poor Taste > Pretension

Poor Taste > Pretension”>Good Taste > Poor Taste > Pretension

The guys at The Partially Examined Life recently gave their take on George Santayana’s The Sense of Beauty (1896). It’s one of the easiest listens of the 77 episodes that they’ve released over the last three years.

The episode has a lot of good nuggets. Among my favorites was the fact that Santayana didn’t really care about this entire project; he was merely under pressure to publish so that he could extend his gig at Harvard. Also of interest were the author’s arguments that we probably can judge a person’s taste against another’s. To each his own, sure, but each preference should not be treated equally. Score one for smart people. Additionally, Santayana seemed to be much more accepting of poor taste than of feigned taste. Posers are the worst. Better to admit to liking Ke$ha than to lie about liking Radiohead.