Only in this Universe…

… can so many of us justify rooting for a point guard with three NBA championship rings who cheated on a two-time Maxim Hot 100 winner of reportedly at least average intelligence with his own teammate’s wife, to defeat the most talented player in the league who plays every position, locks down opponents on defense, has only one title, married his baby-momma / high school sweetheart and chose to burn his home-region fans only weeks after finding out that a criminal teammate bedded said superstar’s mother.

But hey, we will keep rooting for the San Antonio Spurs because don’t ya know we love the “underdog?” That said, rooting against Dwyane Wade always seems an admirable stance. Not a huge NBA fan, and I’ve been working to pare down my sports intake (old, useless habits die hard), but I just thought this juxtaposition fit well with the whole “we claim to love the underdog but never actually do” theme.