Tyrion Lannister Wakes From Drowning, Sings Marvin Gaye To Everyone on Boat

*Tyrion turns to Lemore*

“Baby, I’m hot just like an oven. I need some lovin’.”

*Clenches phallic muscle, turns to Griff*

“Baby, I can’t hold it much longer. It’s getting stronger and stronger.”

*Pricks toes and fingers, singing rhetorically*

“Baby, I got sick this morning. The sea was storming inside of me.”

*Looks Young Griff in the eye whilst playing cyvasse*

“And baby, sailing west is wise and,

Your wave’s a rising, and rising.”

*Young Griff looks cautiously to Tyrion and asks what else he can tell him*

“When you come of age, my prince,

You’ll get that feeling, you’ll want sexual healing,

Sexual… healing… oh, baby.”

*Tyrion cartwheels along deck, cursing his father and spraying drops of blood from pricked extremities*

“It makes you feel so fine, Young Griff, uh,

Helps to relieve your mind.”

*Tyrion gets slapped in the face by false father Griff*

“It’s. Good. For us.”

Young Griff Lives!

Young Griff Lives!


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