Map Your Favorite Literary Locations

Wanted to reblog this, as it seems like a cool thing that good old Placing Literature has done. The one thing I would point out, at the risk of being anointed Captain Obvious, is that the passage of time destroys the settings of these great works. Well, more fairly, it destroys the ability for you and me to see and experience them as they are on the page. That’s ok. Time is what it is. And what is it, indeed? Check this out, or don’t. Rock on.

101 Books

Ever wanted to hang out in the same towns and locations featured in Infinite Jest? On The Road? The Shining? With this cool database called Placing Literature, you can locate these sites and do just that.

I can’t say I’ve personally used the Placing Literature App, but I sure love the concept behind it.

Here’s how they explain it on their website:

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