Brianpickings’ Curation of the Meaning of Life

I love Maria Popova. What I mean is, I love her curation of interestingness, By extension and subject to only a few airtight assumptions, I love her as well.

Popova’s post from almost a year ago features quotes from a handful of people on their impression of the meaning of life. It’s a quick and interesting read. It also links to related articles in the introductory paragraph.

I suggest Brainpickings to anyone and everyone. If nothing else, the Sunday newsletter alone is worth the zero dollars it costs to discover the site.


2 thoughts on “Brianpickings’ Curation of the Meaning of Life

  1. Thanks a lot Kevin. I really appreciate that. And yeah, it’s just such a great collection of stuff that I had, for the most part, not come across. She’s just awesome. Thanks for following, I will try to make it worth your while. Your blog looks excellent, but I will have more time to peruse next week.

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